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Up in the serene hills of Palampur

-- Abode in the Hills, Palampur

Near Palampur, away from traffic, noise, and tourists, is a delightful home made of bamboo, mud, and slate. This beautiful Unhotel is Abode in the Hills, a delight to the eyes that beautifully complements the nature it is built in. It’s the perfect Unhotel to immerse in art and nature alike and reconnect with the roots.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • Some good old Pahadi time with the mountains. Meet the Pahadi folks and watch them bring a smile to your face.
  • Visit plenty of tea estates in and around the property and taste some divine tea.
  • Scenic walks around the property that’s sure to take your breath away. 
  • Enjoy the local cuisine in authentic Tibetan Cafes. 
  • Hop on a toy train to go from Baijnath to Bir. 
  • Try your hand at pottery and weaving. 
  • Soar the skies as you go paragliding. 

Abode in the Hills, Palampur



Location: Near Dharamshala



Nearest Airport: Kangra Airport (45 km)



Nearest Train Station: Pathankot.



Nearest Driveable Hub: Chandigarh (5 hours), Delhi/NCR (9.5 hours)


Amenities: A delightful home made of bamboo, mud, and slate. Six rooms. 

Why not relax here by soaking in the spectacular view and having your breakfast under a shady tree? You can also dip your feet in a river stream that runs near Abode in the Hills. 



Enjoy the calm serenity of this Unhotel as you indulge in the local art and culture. Join a little pottery class or just weave the perfect fabric. Watch the Pahadi sheep come out to play in  the evening as the sun sets behind the mountains.



Enjoy a work cuppa in the matka you just made and warm yourself with a shawl you just weaved.

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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