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A quaint escape in Sohna Hills

-- City Escape, Sohna Hills

If you’re looking for a private sanctuary, a magical bubble of your own right outside the hustle and bustle of the NCR, then look no further. A hidden farmhouse in the lush, rare greenery of Sohna Hills, this place is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, reunion with friends, a staycation, or even a romantic night or picnic.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • The larger of the two houses is a comfortable brick cottage that can host up to six people.

  • With a wide open verandah and two spacious bedrooms, it is a great place to host a mini-party.

  • The living room can easily host a post-dinner chat, while the kitchen has enough space to cook up a feast.

  • The well lit rooms and cool, white brick walls create a perfectly cosy hideaway for the winter, and a soothing escape in the searing heat of the summer.

  • Recently refurbished and opening its doors wide open is the smaller of the two cottages on the estate – the perfect nook for group of four.

  • Its cosy bedrooms boast comfortable beds and soft sheets to catch some much-needed shut eye during your staycation.

  • Find yourself sipping a cup of chai in the living room while hearing the sound of rustling leaves and the chirp of birds.

  • Or cuddle up for a Netflix marathon with your family under the comforters.

City Escape, Sohna Hills

Location: Sohna, Haryana

Nearest Airport: New Delhi (1 hour)

Nearest Train Station: Gurgaon (45 minutes)

Nearest Driveable Hub:  Delhi/NCR (1 hour)

Amenities: Air conditioned rooms, private houses for rent, open lawns for garden parties, candle-lit dinners, and small events (photoshoots, corporate off-sites, reunions), farm-fresh veggies, pet friendly, village and farm walks.

The City Escape is the kind of place where people can unwind at their own convenience, a place for like minded individuals to gather and have a good time, a place where strangers become family. Serene, secluded, and bubbling with opportunity – it has Unhotel written all over it.


The private lawns make for a great backdrop for a party or movie night. Have a book club evening, or a secluded table for two with a loved one. Sequestered less than an hour away from Gurgaon, it is not only conveniently located, but doesn’t require much effort to get the escape you’re looking for. If you’re feeling particularly one with nature, you can take a long walk in the surrounding mustard fields. The possibilities are endless: themed parties, private lunches, picnics, family and friends get togethers, romantic getaways, you name it. The City Escape is simply waiting for you.

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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