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Maroon yourself at this cottage in the hills

-- Cottage in the Hills, Landour

A Cantonment town close to Mussourie best shows what hill stations looked like before they got sullied. This Private Cottage located in the cool and crisp mountains is quaint yet classy. Landour is the crown jewel of the queen of hill stations – Mussoorie. A small cantonment town, it tells you what hill stations looked like before they got over-populated and sullied. Enjoy the cool, crisp mountain air, long walks on circular paths and the nostalgia of the Raj.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • Cottage in the Hills is a three-bedroom cottage, decorated tastefully.

  • This home of an art curator is a perfect setting overlooking the beautiful landscape.

  • The nooks and corners of the houses are quite inviting.

  • Even in a group of 6-8, you can find your own quiet corner.

  • Furnished with board games, a wide collection of books, and many CDs, this charming cottage is the perfect romantic getaway.

  • The cottage has the soul and warmth of a well lived house.

  • There are three rooms in the house. Each room houses 2 or 3 guests. Warm, homey and cosy.

  • The rooms overlook the valley and some days you can feel the clouds touch your feet!

  • The interiors exude warmth and offer solitude at the same time.

Cottage in the Hills, Landour

Location: Landour, Uttarakhand


Nearest Airport: Dehradun (59 km)


Nearest Train Station: Mussoorie (8 km)


Nearest Driveable Hub: New Delhi (7 hours), Chandigarh (5 hours)


Amenities: Cosy, centrally heated rooms, local food, treks and visits in the local forest areas, driveable distance from many exploratory spots of Uttarakhand, free parking, ideal for a family or friends getaway over the weekend or holidays. Perfect Himalayan staycations spot!

Enjoy the cool, crisp mountain air, long walks on circular paths and the nostalgia of the Raj. This private cottage is ‘Solitude in the hills’. Tucked in Landour, only a walk away from little cafes (Café Ivy, Emily’s, Char Dukaan, etc) and Landour Bakehouse (A must if you have a sweet tooth). Tasteful interiors will make you feel like a home away from your own.


Its cosiness, lived in feeling, warmth and love from the staff stand out. Every person living or associated with the place has a little story to tell – about their own lives or the stories of Landour. It has a wide collection of books and DVDs. If you are a vivid book reader you may have many spots to read your book and enjoy nature both at the same time.

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