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A farm retreat of your dreams, near Jaipur

-- Farm Retreat, Near Jaipur

A medieval style Haveli , nestled in the Aravali hills is the perfect retreat to explore luxury and the cultural heritage of the land of Jaipur. This Unhotel is quite unique that it is an amalgamation of a home-stay and a luxurious hotel. Come and experience  the true taste of the Rajput’s magnificent verandas , pillars and the wonderful backdrop this countryside retreat provides. Enjoy traditional paradise with all the modernity that there is. This regal Haveli is the quintessential spot if one wants to get away from the hustle and bustle and experience comfort all the same time. Enjoy the wonderful stories from the host family; the head of the family, a war veteran sure has interesting tales to live by. This Unhotel awaits.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • Enjoy the wonderful ambience of this Unhotel with modern amenities and old restored family furniture all to comfort you.

  • Explore the village through a village walk or jeep rides.

  • Pull out your fitness hats and go on a cycling tour and explore more.
  • Take a plunge in the swimming pool ,untangle in the spa and rejuvenate and connect to your inner peace with Yoga sessions.
  • Unwind in the Polo lounge and explore the tales from the photographs and decorated trophies.
  • Take a cooking demonstration that reflects the wonderful traditional vegetarian Indian cuisine.
  • Enjoy festivals with the family and the true spirit of celebration.
  • Visit tourist attractions , the Amer and Jaigarh forts. 

Farm Retreat, Near Jaipur


Location: Near Jaipur


Nearest Airport: Jaipur. This airport is well-connected to cities all over India.


Nearest Train Station: Jaipur


Nearest Driveable Hub: Delhi/NCR (5 hours)


Amenities: Private rooms, rain showers in bathrooms, satellite televisions, swimming pool, Spa, Polo club , Authentic traditional food and much more.

Farm Retreat is the ideal getaway from your typical mundane life. A perfect slice of heaven to connect to your traditions and experience comfort all in the same spot. Try your hand at the plethora of activities this place has to offer. Explore the walls of this perfect retreat with historical photographs, and tales from the Colonel who is the host  , plunge into history and traditions. Enjoy the sunshine gleaming through the tall pillars at night resort to the comfort of the cosy Polo lounge .


The perfect spot to feel away from the hustle and close enough to tourist attractions. Enjoy the true taste of Rajput aristocracy and luxury  while looking at the magnificent rolling hills in the periphery and experiencing the wonders of nature.

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