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A farm stay with a Punjabi twist

-- Farm Stay, Near Amritsar

With a serene green lush that surrounds it, hinged with the true essence of the ‘land of lassis’ awaits this perfect interplay of comfort and enchantment. Welcome to an ideal farm stay to reaffix one’s roots. Distant from the typical city buzz, smoke and honks, this place is a slice of heaven that gives you the perfect experience to unwind. This is your getaway especially if the countryside is something that you cherish. Find yourself in a cottage encapsulated by green fields and views that weld you to the tranquillity of nature in its most pristine form.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • Traditional cottages that celebrate the beauty of Punjabi architecture.

  • Stand alone cottages that are comfortable and spacious, making it ideal for family vacations as well as a group holidays.

  • The Perfect place to be connected and still have a private experience that is ensured by a covered deck and a private open roof terrace.
  • The authentic Punjabi food served here leaves your taste buds tingling and wanting more . It is a perfect dreamland for any foodie.
  • Experience the spiritual wonders and the peace that the Gurudwara and Langar offer.
  • A dip in the tube well with pure breeze glistening is sure to bring back memories of childhood and experiences in your grandparents’ village gushing.
  • Explore the fields and experience tractor riding to give you a true sense of framing, its wonders and reconnect with nature

Farm Stay, Near Amritsar


Location: Near Amritsar

Nearest Airport: Amritsar. This airport is well-connected to cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

Nearest Train Station: Amritsar

Nearest Driveable Hub: The stay is a seven- hour drive from Delhi


Amenities: Stand alone cottages, covered deck, private roof terrace, breakfast, Authentic Punjabi meals, outdoor dining table, swing….and so much more!

The rustic cottages with the traditional furniture, truly captures the pure essence of being in touch with tradition and cultural heritage. Imagine waking up to the birds chirping, the fragrance of dew and fresh grass calling out to you. Surrounded by a breeze that smells of mud and earth, so pure and unmatchable. This is definitely a treat for any nature lover. 

The old swing set up to remind you of your childhood days. The tubewell is another reminder of your roots as the outdoor table awaits just for you. You can enjoy the best of the local feast along with the weather and the ambience created by nature itself. 

Gaze through the fields that gloat from the deck and enjoy the hues of the sunrise or sunset from your private terrace roof. These picturesque views are a perfect getaway from the usual digital, fast paced world. Take a moment to step back, enjoy and feel all your senses experience divinity and a sense of detoxification

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