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The warmth of a grandma's home

-- Granny's Inn, Banaras

A Silver Startup story that drives it to be one of the most popular Unhotels. Run by two feisty grannies who believe in the Indian adage “atithi devo bhava” (the guest is God), they indulge in love, warmth, pampering and story telling sessions. A cosy Indian homestay run by two feisty grannies – Asha and Aruna Singh, who urge travelers to #comeandbelong.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • The house as a kitchen with an open dining area, where guests can hang out and socialise.

  • Breakfast and lunches are provided, as is dinner upon request.

  • All the meals are homecooked, vegetarian, and fresh!

  • There’s a beautiful open courtyard where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and get to know the grannies – not to mention the other guests and travellers!

  • We can even arrange for your to enjoy yoga and meditation there.

  • The stay is very centrally located and close to most of Banaras’ sights.

  • Regardless, there are Tuk Tuk and Mr. Rickshawallah rides available, and we can request guides for you to explore “Varanasi Trails”.

  • There are also day trips to Sarnath, as well as workshops with Scrapshala and Banaras University.

  • A lot of our annual group trips happen to Granny’s Inn, so be sure to check with us for any upcoming ones!

Granny’s Inn, Banaras

Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


Nearest Airport: Varanasi (in the city)


Nearest Train Station: Varanasi


Nearest Driveable Hub: Allahabad (120 km), Patna (220 km)


Amenities: Guides tours and experiences around the city, trips to Sarnath, nearby convenience stores and ATMs, pickups and drops to airport/railway station, day trips to Sarnath.

Seven creatively done up but basic homestay type rooms, six with en-suite bathrooms, all with air-conditioning. The rooms are clean and aesthetically done up, with handmade mirrors and paintings that add character to this homestay. All Unhotel rooms have souls and instead of mere numbers, we go by names.


Each room is named after the women in the family who are the reason behind the Granny’s Inn – Asha, Aruna, Mira, Mamta, Arti and Shalini.


The meals are are all vegetarian (no eggs also) and healthy, nutritious, and cooked in less oil. A kitchen and an open dining area ensure that everybody gets together for mealtimes.

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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