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A heritage haveli in the middle of Punjab

-- Heritage Haveli, Amritsar

Luxury and Heritage served on a platter, is what this haveli is all about. Situated in the heart of Amritsar, the Haveli is a reinstated colonial wonder, that simply reflects the rich culture of the land, with utmost candour. Find yourself lost surrounded by a multitude of trees and plants that bear fruits, herbs and flowers. This is your go-to place if you have to sit back and soak up all the opulence and rejuvenate. The lovely couple that run the Haveli, not just ensure your comfort and the splendour that the Haveli offers, but also welcome you with utmost warmth and hospitality.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • This Haveli is a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional architecture, that can truly be visible in every wall and brick

  • Explore history and heritage all around the 200 year old Haveli with photographs across the time corridor dating back to seven generations.

  • Categories of rooms to choose from across the two floors of the Haveli, with each room having a unique artistic touch.

  • Enjoy the perk of a balcony, the terrace or a courtyard  that flows from each room.

  • Take a cooking class to explore the world famous Punjabi cuisine , along with tips on conscious eating and living from the lady of the house.

  • Quiet dinners for special occasions with scrumptious local food. 

  • Have a food walk around Amritsar that is sure to leave you hungry for more.
  • Explore the wonders of the village and the heritage of Amritsar in a heritage walk. 
  • Rejuvenate and relax with some Yoga, meditation and even a massage at the spa to de-stress.

  • Find peace and the spiritual divinity by visiting the Golden Temple
  • Unwind with limited internet connectivity , while you get connected to your roots and traditions.

Heritage Haveli, Amritsar


Location: Amritsar, Punjab.


Nearest Airport: Amritsar. This airport is well-connected to Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

Nearest Train Station: Amritsar. This station is connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.


Nearest Driveable Hub: New Delhi (7 hours)


Amenities: Private rooms, Internet connectivity in office room, Authentic local food, massage at spa, cooking lessons on Punjabi cuisine and much more

With the luxury and grandeur that the Haveli offers , it also gives you a true sense of culture. Picture yourself waking up in a luxurious room in a 200 year old colonial paradise surrounded by the smells of flowers, fruits and herbs. Enjoy the splendour and explore the divinity of the place. This is the Un-Hotel for you if you need an experience and not just the typical standard boredom of a hotel room with white sheets.

Your privacy is assured with special experiences like quiet dinners if that interests you. The experience is sure to be quaint and comes along with exemplary service and warmth. Take back home experiences to relish and regal tales to tell!

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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