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A home awaits you up in the hills

-- Home in the Hills, Landour

Deep in Landour, amidst the woods of Mussorie, is an English cottage right out of your dreams. With the magic of the colonial era carefully preserved, steeped in every room and in every photo, seat, book, and table – Home in the Hills is the place you want to maroon yourself when you imagine the perfect Himalayan getaway. Run by a loving family, it is the quintessential experience to take a trip down the past of this lush and culture-rich part of India. 

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • A private log cabin, in a traditional American “cabin in the woods style”. Comes with two floors, and is perfect for a family or friends getaway. 

  • Uniquely furnished suites and rooms in the main cottage, which speak of the colonial history of the region. Many of them open up into the lounge areas, with some overlooking the Doon Valley. 

  • Lounges and a study area, for you to unwind and relax. Perhaps grab a book or write in your journal – solve a crossword or two. It’s also great for families to play board games, or to enjoy a glass of wine in the crisp, cool evenings. 

  • A dining room which has local cuisine, made with fresh, mouth-watering ingredients. 

  • A conservatory to enjoy in the afternoons, sunlight softly streaming in through the glass.

  • A “winterline” view, unique to the transitional season of monsoon to winter, and only seen in two places in the world – Urn, Switzerland, and Mussoorie, India. A phenomenon that throws the sky into a multitude of yellow and orange shades during sunset. 

  • Treks through the forest, and experiences in the town of Mussoorie that will leave you with much cherished memories.

Home in the Hills, Landour


Nearest Airport: Dehradun (59 km)


Nearest Train Station: Mussoorie (8 km)


Nearest Driveable Hub: New Delhi (7 hours), Chandigarh (5 hours)


Amenities: Authentic Local Cuisine, Common areas such as studies, lounges, and gardens, breakfast & dinner. There are heritage, trekking, and shopping experiences, as well as curated trips to learn about the surrounding areas and the town of Mussoorie. There is also free parking, free WiFi, tons of books & DVDs in the lounge, airport pick-up should you need it. This stay is also pet friendly. Please note that the stay and rooms are non-smoking. 

Thinking of Mussoorie brings to mind the smell of coffee, of pine trees and warm Uttarakhandi food, of the cantonment stories and acres of woods with the chirp of birds. Staying at Home in the Hills, you can experience all of that, and more. Whether you choose to drive up here on a weekend for a staycation, or decide to spend a month cocooned away to catch up on your writing – the magic of Mussoorie is such that it welcomes everyone, artists and dreamers from everywhere.


The best part? You can enjoy the best of both worlds. Quiet treks and picnics in the forest, or bustling streets of the city. The vibrant markets and food stalls, or a secluded, romantic home-cooked meal of local, fresh ingredients at the cottage. The heritage and the homeliness of it – unparalleled. 

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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