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A secret that flows along with the tide

-- River's Secret, Satpura

Located about 150 kilometers from Bhopal, overlooking the mesmerising backwaters of a dam built on the Denwa River lies our Unhotel – The River’s Secret. Built on 10 acres of forestland along the river just across the Satpura National Park, this luxurious Unhotel offers treehouses and luxury cottages for the adventurous traveller. Guests can go on safaris, visit villages, take birdwatching lessons and enjoy kayaking on the river.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • This Unhotel offers two types of accommodation – 8 deluxe cottages and 2 tree houses; both hugely indulgent.

  • While the cottages come with cute river-facing sit-outs, the treehouses have private decks that look out to the rolling hills of Pachmarhi.

  • The treehouses have a partition that can be opened up to make it one large family suite. They also come with a well stocked reading-room that will fuel your imagination for hours at end.

  • All suites come with furniture made of recycled wood, crisp linen and decorated with paintings by local artists. This is a No Plastic unhotel; guests are handed a flask (which can be carried away) in which fresh drinking water is filled everyday.

  • All this in keeping with our motto of responsible luxury. Even the rooms are made up of local stones and baked tiles.

  • If you choose, you can sleep under the stars; just let the crew know and the lodge will make special arrangements for you.

  • Meals are served in the quaint dining hall that looks over the Denwa River. The River’s Secret serves an assortment of central Indian and continental cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. 

  • The Satpura Nature Reserve is the only in the country that allows enthusiasts to hike inside the core tiger and buffer zones – all making for a one-of-its kind wildlife experience.

River’s Secret, Satpura

Location: Satpura, Madhya Pradesh


Nearest Airport: Bhopal (140 km)


Nearest Train Station: Itarsi, Hoshangabad, Piparia, Sohagpur (all within a 70 km radius)


Nearest Driveable Hub: Bhopal (3.5 hours), Jabalpur (4.5 hours)


Amenities: The River’s Secret has a luxurious but eco-friendly infinity pool. Guests can also go for a spa after a long day spent in the wilderness. Enjoy walking safari, boat safari, kayaking, elephant safari and jeep safari inside the neighbouring Satpura Reserve. There is also a buffer area for cycling, night safaris and camping. 

Tucked away, next to the Satpura Reserve lies this beautiful safari lodge, beckoning the eager traveller to rest and recuperate from long days spent on that hard office chair.

And what an adventure it can be – a two-hour boat ride on the sparkling blue Denwa River will leave you mesmerised with dreamy views of Pachmarhi hills and the occasional water birds flying alongside.

And whether you decide to go on a safari to find the elusive maneater, stay back and read a book beside the pool or feel like reminiscing childhood memories in your treehouse, we guarantee you wouldn’t want to leave!

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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