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A hidden sanctuary in the mountains

-- Sanctuary in the Hills, Jilling

Located just 30 kilometers from Kathgodam lies Sanctuary in the Hills, Jilling. From the outside, this nine-roomed Unhotel looks like any other Kumaoni building. The inside has a different story to tell – it is furnished with all the luxurious amenities like a heated pool and a plush library to keep guests hooked for hours. There are loads of other activities to do like trekking, bird watching, pony riding and more. Come here to rejuvenate and unwind.

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • Spread over 100 acres, the Sanctuary in the Hills has nine rooms with luxurious furnishings.

  • The stone bungalow was the first one to be made after which the other rooms were built as annexes, all following the local Kumaoni style of architecture – stacking stones one above the other without using any or little cementing material; a roof made of pine logs and sealed with mud; and husk plaster on the walks that provides for insulation.

  • The views from each room are breathtaking – one side stretches down to the plains and the other side opens out to the iced peaks of the Himalayas. On a clear day, the entire Nanda Devi Range is on display for guests to enjoy.

  • A farmland at the back is open to guests to use as a private space or to simply gaze at the night sky.

  • Guests can enjoy a home-cooked culinary spread here that will include a variety of continental delicacies and some local homely ‘pahadi khaana’ using some of the freshest local produce sourced from the resort’s glasshouse.
  • Chat with our chefs over a cup of masala tea, eat your lunch out on the viewing deck while looking out on the mountains or have a tete-a-tete with a fellow guest over the evening bonfire.

Sanctuary in the Hills, Jilling

Location: Jilling, Uttarakhand


Nearest Airport: Dehradun (320 km), New Delhi (340 km)


Nearest Train Station: Kathgodam (45 mins)


Nearest Driveable Hub: Delhi/NCR (8.5 hours)


Amenities: a conservatory with an exterior viewing deck, and a fireplace that looks out into the hills. Books and journals, a home theatre system and a dining area are some conveniences that are housed within the conservatory. There is also a sweet reading room outside for you to read in the solace of the mountains. The Unhotel comes with a one-of-a-kind solar heated pool in glass enclosure so as to give guests the feeling of bathing in nature. There are a ton of outdoor activities here including birdwatching, pony riding, trekking and nature trails.

Parking: at Padampuri, 3.5 kilometers below the resort from where it is a moderate trek up to the resort. Make sure you let us know in advance if you need a pony. We won’t be able to fulfill last minute requests.

Winding roads, the fresh smell of the mountains, thick pine and oak forests, a long walk on fresh crunchy leaves with unhindered views of the Himalayas – a 3.5 kilometer trek will bring you to our hidden Sanctuary in the Hills.


Indulge in a one of a kind luxurious experience in the mountains with unobstructed vistas of the Nanda Devi, the Kamet and the Trishul while you soak in a small but cosy heated pool, enjoy the solitary comfort of a good book in the observatory or simply hang out in your room.

Far from the din of the city life, this is where solace can be found. With style.

It is replete with old mountain tales and stories of the village folk which plays a significant part in the essence of the experience here.

Whether you decide to go on a long trek or dive into your favourite book while looking at the Himalayas, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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International Inquiries:

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