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In the midst of a tea estate

-- The Tea Escape, Palampur

Located a little over an hour to the east of Dharamshala, in the middle of Himachal’s Kangra valley lies our Unhotel – The Tea Escape. This homestay has eight suites spread across three cottages. All rooms are named after a type of tea and have unique characters – a blend of the modern and traditional, reflecting the traditional Kangra architecture. 

What to Expect At Your Stay

  • The Tea Escape has eight ensuite rooms spread across three cottages which have been named after different types of tea like Oolong, Pekoe and Camellia. Each cottage has its unique characteristics be it reading nooks, mud flooring, garden views and more.

  • The best part is that the tea estate factory is just a short walk away. The Tea Escape prides itself on using only organic, local produce most of which is harvested in the kitchen garden.

  • All meals are simple yet flavourful. Be sure to taste some mouthwatering Indian curries and dals prepared the traditional Kangra way using earth pots and firewood accompanied with chutneys, pickles and jams – all homemade!

  • They also serve Italian and continental food. For those out for the day, the staff will be happy to pack a scrumptious picnic basket. 

  • Here, the guests are also free to learn (or teach) some recipes.

  • This lodge even has its own community farming program under which tea pluckers are gifted seeds and plots by the estate. The lodge can use this produce for its own kitchen, while the majority of it is harvested by the pluckers for their personal use.


The Tea Escape, Palampur

Location: Palampur, Himachal Pradesh


Nearest Airport: Dharamshala (25 km), Kullu (58 km)


Nearest Train Station: Palampur


Nearest Driveable Hub: Delhi/NCR (9.5 hours), Chandigarh (6 hours)


Amenities: Paragliding, trekking to Triund, Bir valley and Barot, camping and angling, safaris to nearby viewpoints, cycling through the estate and picnics to view beautiful sunsets. Guests can also learn pottery at Andretta – the famous pottery village just 15 minutes away from the lodge. For those who just want to stay in, the lodge has a wide range of board games from Ludo to Taboo. Video game lovers can have a go at the PlayStation and Wii here. You can also play a game of badminton or cricket in the fields.

This hilly escape has all the elements of adventure, of an old British tea estate and a comfy mountain retreat. Best for getting away from the ever-growing cloud of air pollution in the city and rejuvenating oneself. Guests can go on tea tours on the tea estate, go camping, paragliding, trekking and hiking to one of Himachal Pradesh’s most picturesque locales.

The lodge lies in the middle of a tea estate established by the British back in 1857. In 1953, it came in the hands of the family who owns it now. As the family grew, plantations were divided amongst the younger generations.

At first, the lodge was constructed as a home for the family. It was only later when they realised and started appreciating the true beauty of the estate and the everlasting smell of the pine-scented air that they wanted to share their experience with other travellers that this Unhotel was born. And truly, the experience of staying here is unparalleled.

Domestic Inquiries:

+91 96500 33353

International Inquiries:

+91 96504 00466

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