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Fly Like A Girl

Explore the beautiful Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh – all with a group of passionate women travellers.


Get to stay at our Unhotel – The Tea Escape – explore the nearby towns, ride the local train, explore the culture of the small town of Palampur….and of course, the grandest experience of all. Go paragliding, and soar the skies.



Flow Like A Girl

The rapids of Rishikesh are calling – and we’re here to answer that call. An annual pre-winter ritual of bringing together wonderful women who love adventure, travel, and discovering new stories.

Not only do you get to hop across some of our beautiful Uttarakhand Unhotels, but you get to do it all while braving the famous rafting routes of the Himalayas! #FlowLikeAGirl


This ancient town is both our origin story and one of our most beloved experiences. Taking place multiple times in a year – from spring Mom & Kid vacays, to Dussehra for the world-famous Ram Leela, to the unique Dev Deepawali…

Explore Banaras like a local, stay at our Granny’s Inn (run by two feisty grannies who will spoil you with stories and love), and even head over to Sarnath! You won’t experience this kind of travel adventure anywhere else. 

Seenager Travel

When it comes to travel – age is truly just a number. We organise trips specially for our seniors (or as Founder Manish says, seenagers). Designed keeping their interests and abilities in mind, our trips are full of learning, culture, and a chance to find the kid inside again. We’ve previously partnered with specialists like Silver Talkies, two experts who travel with seenagers.

It’s more than just choosing a destination – it’s to help them experience with the curiosity of a child with comfort, medical aid and support, and all needs taken care of. 

Pic Credit: Kunal Sinha

Culinary Trails

The culture of a place lies in its flavours – and what a great way to get to know a place through its food. A unique way to travel a new place – culinary trails are designed for foodies and learners.

Our culinary trails help you experience local food – home chefs, city street food, concept restaurants, and work by Indian food bloggers. 

Moreover, our multiple Unhotels also specialise in local foods and delicacies – so if you want a culinary trail as part of your overarching journey, it’s more than possible!

Young Rangers

An immersive forest and jungle experience for children. Accompanied by the Founder of Unhotel, we have a vetted and dedicated trip designed to help children learn about nature and conservation. 

Experts and naturalists are trained and come with lots of experience. We push kids out of their comfort zones (re: gadgets) and encourage them to explore nature, and fall in love with it. They also get to explore their passion through these trips – photography, cooking, music, painting, poetry etc…all while learning valuable lifeskills. 


Ah, is there anything quite as fun as hitting the road? Whether you’re solo with your foot on the pedal, or in a car packed with loved ones – there’s a uniqueness to stopping for food, taking pictures of the highway, singing at the top of your lungs, and zooming to a new destination.


Our roadtrips are designed to relive this experience, all while knowing that the journey to newness has just begun. We do road trips across India – to Shekhawati and Sariska, to Coorg and Wayanad, and up in the hills to Shekhawati and Mukteshwar. And hey – if you want to roadtrip outside the country? No worries! Our international itineraries include roadtrips too! 

Handicraft Trails

A good way to get to know a place is to observe its art and handicrafts – the stories (quite literally) woven and painted into its history. India has a rich tradition of varied handicrafts, from North to South and East to West.

Our handicraft trails explore the rich textile history of every region – whether you want a trip dedicated to it, or have it be part of a curated experience. Rann of Kutch to the mirror work of Rajasthan, all the way to the bamboo work of Meghalaya and the sarees of Banaras – we’ve got handicraft stories awaiting to be told. 

Festive Trips

India is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual country – with every state, every district even, celebrating an array of different festivals. These festivals bring to life tales of old from different places – some specific to religion, some specific to region and myths, and some specific to identity. Experiencing them is a great way to understand what runs through the vein of a region.

Our festive trips include the oldest Ramleela in the world and the Dev Deepawali of Banaras, the month-long Onam festivities of Kerala, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong, Holi in Mathura, Iftar and Eid dishes shared over hugs, Christmas spent in the cosy hill stations of the Himalayas – and much more!

Walking Trails

Have you ever lived your whole life in a city and realised that there’s much to it that you’ve heard but never seen for yourself? Or perhaps, you’ve taken dozens of walking tours in other countries and realised they’re some of the best ways to explore a region? We think so too.

Our walking tours exist to weave through the streets and neighbourhoods of Indian towns to cull out the stories that get hidden behind the rush of daily life. Ahmedabad, Landour, Varanasi, Devprayag, Rishikesh, Coorg – even the bustling capital of New Delhi. You can walk up to a new find anywhere if you know where to look. 

Rural Trails

You can’t truly explore India if you limit yourself to the urban spaces. Whether you’ve never visited the country, or you’ve lived here your whole life – stepping out of the urban into the rural is a life changing experience.

The true life of India lies in its villages – and we have many to show you. The goat villages of Uttarakhand which help you experience hilltop farm life, to the Kollam paddy fields which reflect a brilliant sunset. Staying on a farm in Punjab’s meadows, or setting up camp close to the cleanest village in Asia (Mawlynnong). 

C.A.S Trips

A collection of flagship programs designed by the founders – who are not only trained in mentoring, coaching, leading, and development, but are also dedicated parents. Our C.A.S trips are for kids to experience the world hands-on, and learn in outdoor, open-air classrooms by forming opinions from visual and experienced learning.


With trips like ‘Sustainable Leadership in Auroville’, ‘The Young Rangers Program’, ‘The Goat Village Expedition’, ‘Trekking and Hiking in Uttarakhand (and more)’, we plan to teach the kids community impact, sustainable living, environmental knowledge, and group-effort – all in a safe environment with expert guides. 

Buddha Trails

This trip of yours is a ‘Buddha Sutra’. A journey tracing the footsteps of Buddha. From birth to death. Across heritage sites, iconic temples, magnificent monasteries, and places that have witnessed the the life and times of history’s greatest and most revered figure, Gautama Buddha.


See Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, and more – all while visiting monasteries, meeting with monks, learning about the principles of Buddhism and its various jewels, and walking the path that the once Prince walked.

Pedal Your Way

There’s nothing like exploring a place on two wheels – and our Pench-Kanha Forest Corridor cycling trip is one of the few that has been specially designed for the adventurous and intrepid traveller.


This cycling experience takes you to the famous “Two Project Tiger” national parks, having diverse wildlife, landscapes, and tribal communities. The forested corridor, which serve as a refuge to dispersing wildlife across the parks, are an unmissable sight for any nature lover. 


Cycle through the very jungles mentioned in the Jungle Book!

Mentox Journeys

Let’s face it – networking events have a limitation of time and space. Real life business nuggets take time to glean. Mentox with a CEO is the perfect recipe to gain distilled gyaan and mentorship over a short break.


Learn from the CEOs – their stories, their journey andhow they overcame challenges. An opportunity to not only hear them speak but also travel, trek, share meals and conversations to understand the nitty gritties of business. Join us for this innovative retreat as we travel, learn and get inspired.

Tea Trails

It’s always the perfect time to enjoy a hot, steaming cup of chai. But it’s one thing to enjoy a cup of chai in your living room, 
or in your balcony. 
Imagine if you could wake up to rolling green plantations, beautiful hillsides, crisp cool weather, and the warmth of a steeped tea that is freshly produced?
The Unhotel Co. is inviting you to experience the Tea Affair of a lifetime! From a Tea Escape in Palampur to masala chai of Munnar, the Tea-Licious estates of Tezpur, and the Decadence of Darjeeling – there’s nothing you won’t fall in love with. 

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