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--Adventures Around Nashik Valley


The day starts with the visit to a boutique winery making just 70,000 litres of exquisite wine a year. Take a tour of the cellar and tasting rooms with the wine master, who has been at the winery from inception.


Dinner is a special affair with a South-East Asian twist. Take in the fresh air, sip your classy boutique wine and enjoy the play of colours in the sky as the vermillon shades of dusk give way to a clear, starry night.


After breakfast, visit a much-awarded vineyard in the region, and understand their entire wine-making process from grape to bottle. 


Then head to the Gangapur region to feast on exotic delicacies like spicy misal and crunchy jaggery jalebis – a Nashik speciality. Relax at your premium villa smack in the middle of acres and acres of vines.


Take a guided tour of “Old Nashik” with an architect to get an appreciation of the city’s origins and history. Enjoy breakfast on the banks of the Godavari as the city starts to stir.


Indulge in a private tasting session of exotic fruit wines like jamun and pineapple. 


An extra special dining experience is planned at the vineyard villa gardens tonight to add to yourbeautiful memories of Nashik.

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