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Mishika's Compass: Your frequently asked questions answered.

Since we are boutique travel curators, the experiences you will get here are difficult to find anywhere else. From quirky village stays, jungle trails, picnics by local rivers to spice route tours…. we’ve got it all covered. 

You will discover that we are a conscientious lot, who are sensitive to nature, local communities and to the needs of everybody travelling with us.

If you are a traveller looking to explore nature, local food, diverse cultures or even just a non-touristy location with some interesting places to visit around, then you have come to the right place. 

Unhotel would be happy to design your dream family holidays, couple retreats and even your solo travels. We are for the busy time-poor explorers at heart. Who have a trip in their heads but need help with execution and are happy to invest in wholesome experiences.


Our eagle’s eye view and execution makes the experience stand out.

If you have seen our website, you probably get the idea! We believe that travelling is an experience and not a commodity. We don’t overcharge, we don’t discount.

Of course, we do! You can trust us to make uncommon family adventures and memories – anywhere in the world. But always a planned, never a rushed affair.

Yes for corporates, we do custom-make experiences, as requested. We are not the place for cookie-cutter experiences or the best deals.  We love to host corporate employees to destress, rejuvenate and to unwind. 


And, we don’t encourage loud music, binge drinking and refrain from environment unfriendly practices.

Oh, yes we do. If you are looking for immersive, local travel to different corners of the world. Give us a try. We work on custom briefs. We tailor the experience to your and your family’s needs. But we also have fixed trips and adventures from Bali to Punakha; Morocco to Mongolia.

Our current international offerings have been put on hold due to COVID-19 regulations. 

All our Unhotels have been vetted by us and have the highest safety standards. We ensure that you are in good hands when we arrange any kind of stay or travel. We also do women-only trips if you’re hesitant to experience something alone. You can drop an email to our co-founder if you want to learn more! 

Our current portfolio is premium guest-homes, homestays, boutique hotels, glamping sites and plush lesser-known resorts. We understand that many travellers today are looking to travel on a budget, and that some experiences shouldn’t come with a price tag. Our prices are to ensure that local businesses do not have to take the hit of discounts. 


In the meantime, we’re working hard on introducing budget-friendly travel in the Unhotel way, with hostels and experiential means of travel.


We would love to have you be a part of the family! All you have to do is reach out to our founder at and tell us why you think your place is unique. 

If you have got the wow factor, then you are welcome to be a member of the Unhotel Scooby Gang.

Your question not answered?

You can write to us at, send us a Whatsapp message at +91 9650033353, or DM us on our social media.

Domestic Inquiries:

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International Inquiries:

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