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Introducing travel adventures like never before.

Experiential Journeys. Unbound Experiences.

If you’re a traveller, an explorer, a writer, an artist-at-heart, or perhaps a magician…then you’ve come to the right place.
Unhotel® is where we weave authentic and uncommon travel experiences. Around a soul, wrapped in a story.
We do bespoke trips within India and immersive experiences across the world.
Talk to us. Travel with us. Challenge us. 


Our Newest Unhotels®

Nirvana in Nubra
Glamping Under the Stars
Manor in the Hills
Mountain Retreat, Mukteshwar

Immersive Cultural Experiences

Finding the stories and hidden gems that are untold

Our experiences are more than just memorable – they’re educational. We intend to take you the roots of every place you visit. Local, authentic, and rich with flavour.  Our experiences are never-plain-vanilla. They’re educational, entertaining and uplifting. We intend to take you to the roots – of every single place you visit. Local, authentic, and flavourful.

Our Stories

Flow Like A Girl
Fly Like A Girl
Venturing North Vietnam

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